Adult Dance Stories

Hi it’s Emma here from Embody Dance, this week’s blog is – Adult Dance Stories. This blog will talk about my experience of adult dance in the community and the amazing benefits it brings.

I have been teaching Adult Dance for over 12 years within communities across Warwickshire. I have focused particularly on delivering dance classes for retired adults aged 60+. Through teaching these classes I have had the immense privilege of meeting some amazing individuals through and I wanted to share some stories with you. Today I share Nuala’s Story:

Nuala 0’Brien – Adult Dance Stories

80 year old Nuala O’Brien from Bedworth was diagnosed with Osteopenia. Preferably known as “low bone mass” or “low bone density”. Nuala was suffering from bone fractures and low bone strength. Upon the diagnosis of Osteopenia, Nuala searched for a low impact, enjoyable form of exercise. That would also strengthen her bones, without the risk of fracturing the fragility of her bone structure.

12 years ago Nuala found Embody Dance in Nuneaton and started to attend Adult Dance Classes in Nuneaton and Bedworth with Emma and Sara. Nuala has been attending Adult Dance ever since and has even continued throughout Lockdown taking the classes online every week! Since starting Adult Dance, Nuala has been for a scan on her bones to find out that they have become stronger and she has been given the all clear from the hospital! She no longer has to take medication and she is feeling great! Her dancing has given her a new lease of life and she feels happier and more confident. Nuala is so pleased that she no longer has ‘Lacey Bones’ and she continues to enjoy her adult dance classes.

If you would like to know more about our adult dance classes please click ‘Adult Dance’ on our website or visit our Facebook Page @EmbodyDanceCompany

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Adult Dance Stories,
Emma at Embody Dance

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