Adult Dance Classes

Looking for a fitness class in Nuneaton that will have you smiling & laughing?


Where the beats are hot and the moves are fresh!
18+ yrs

Adult Street Dance class, where the beats are hot, the moves are fresh, and the vibes are funky!

Classes are designed for dancers of all levels, beginners or those with experience!
Expect plenty of laughter and encouragement as you bust a move and break a sweat in a supportive and inclusive environment.

So grab your trainers, meet new friends and dance your heart out.


Learn exciting choreography in our enriching class
18+ years.

Each week, you’ll add onto your dance routine, learning captivating choreography from contemporary to musical theatre.

It’s not just about the steps; it’s about the journey and the joy of dancing!


Show dances taught by studio principal
18+ yrs

Learn new and exciting choreography with Emma to perform in the Embody Dance Show.

This great group of adults love to learn and develop a routine which shines on stage and impresses their loved ones!


Dance Fitness Class
18+ yrs

This class is a mix of pop tunes from Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, George Ezra to Grease and many more! Join friends in this relaxed and friendly class.

Let our qualified dance teachers take the “work” out of workout and experience total body movement, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.


Get your toes tapping!
18+ years

Made popular during the 20th Century, this appealing dance style still has its place in the modern world.

This class is ideal for adults who have always wanted to give tap a try.

Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. Classes are designed to suit your ability and are always enjoyable!

Mature Movers

No need for a dance partner in these classes!
50+ yrs

No need to worry about remembering steps or complicated routines…our Qualified Dance Teachers will dance in-front of you at all times so you can just follow along!

Focusing on the enjoyment that can come from dance and music, the group is guided through simple but challenging routines from musicals such as Mama Mia, Salsa inspired routines and aerobic-style sequences.

Each dancer can tailor the class to suit their physical ability – the main aim is to have fun and improve your fitness, balance and coordination.


Embody Dancers are Happy Dancers