Tiger Feet Kids (SEND)


SEND Dance Classes are inclusive of all dancers with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disability) Tiger Feet Classes are available from Pre-School to teens. Classes are designed to be accessible for all.

What is Tiger Feet?

Tiger Feet Dance Classes were created in 2009 to provide adults and children with additional needs the opportunity to access a weekly dance class. 14 years later – these classes are still a highlight of the week at Embody Dance.

Our Classes

Tiger Feet classes take place on a weekly basis and allow any child or adult with additional needs the opportunity to enjoy dance as a hobby. Classes take place at Embody Dance Studio, Nuneaton.

Tiger Feet Classes are a great way of exercising and having fun. Classes take place in a circle which allows for group interaction and plenty of laughter. Adults and children are guided through specially constructed routines using many exciting props such as ribbons, scarves, as well as, shakers and bells. These props fire imagination and creativity. All adults and children are included and classes can be taken in wheelchairs and sitting down.

Please note: Embody Dance Studio is located upstairs.

More information

All parents can watch their dancers first class and accompany them in class for as long as they want to. At Tiger Feet, parents and carers decide when it feels right to leave their dancer on their own. We encourage parents and support workers to socialise together and create supportive relationships as we understand the challenges that come with caring for a Tiger Feet member.

We would love to hear about your dancer and their likes and dislikes so we can make them feel as comfortable as possible in their first Tiger Feet Class.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat to discuss the class and anything else you would like to talk through.


SEND Dance Classes
4-9 yrs

The Active Pack class is designed for children with lots of energy who are ready to roar!

Classes include modern songs, travelling around the room, parachute work and props such as shakers.

There are 2 Active Pack Classes a week, please see the pink boxes below.

Age Guideline* 4-9 years

Please note: Embody Dance Studio is located upstairs.


SEND Dance Classes
9+ yrs

Proud Pride is designed for older children with additional needs that would like to learn dance techniques in a small class environment. Classes include:

travelling across the room (Corner Work), Acro skills and learning simple Dance Routines.

Age Guideline* 9+ years

Please note: Embody Dance Studio is located upstairs.