11 – 15 Years

Choose your favourite dance style and join the fun!

Discover the joy of dance by selecting your preferred style and diving into an exciting world of movement and fun!


Tell a story through dance

This class is great for balance, expression and control. In their lyrical lessons, dancers are guided through the basics of Lyrical Dance, from turns to leaps.

Lyrical is a slower form of dance that communicates the lyrics of the song. This class is a must for any budding dancer who wants to build their strength and performance skills.


For developing Acro Dancers who know how to cartwheel, handstand and backbend.

Learn to develop your skills further to walkover, lift, balance and more.

Fully trained by Acrobatic Arts, Embody Dance provides a safe instruction on all Acro tricks and skills. Each week, we work on the dancers’ strength and flexibility and also practise lifting each other.


Get your toes tapping!

Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. This class is designed for dancers with previous Tap experience to improve their Tap skills.

Come and improve your Tap skills!


Commercial and Cool

This commercial and street class is great for building confidence and self esteem.

In this energising class, dancers learn routines to current music and thrive in the no-pressure environment.

We practise skills from the corner of the room and learn lots of new choreography each week.


Let’s hit the streets!
11+ yrs

Street Dance is high energy, funky and cool!

Join Street to learn how to isolate, roll, jump and use your dance attitude.

Street dance is about self-expression and creativity as well as technical skill. Dancers often add their own personal style and interpretation to the movements, making each performance unique.


Boost your fitness and your movement skills.
11+ yrs

Contemporary Dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet, offering a fluid movement style and encouraging creative thinking.

This form of dance often shares emotive storylines, encouraging students to express themselves through movements.

While it is less ‘rigid’ than ballet, contemporary still requires students to build a strong technical foundation.


Performance class and the gateway to Empower
12-15 yrs

For focused dancers aged 12-15 who want to improve their technique and performance skills.

This class must be taken in conjunction with another class on our timetable.


Embody Dancers are Happy Dancers