RDF and BBC at Embody Dance Studio!

RDF and BBC at Embody Dance Studio!

Yesterday we were so thrilled to welcome a BBC production team from RDF Entertainment who came to the studio to film our dancers with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, (SEND). When Embody Dance was first approached by the BBC to come and film these vulnerable dancers, we were nervous and concerned about what would be expected of the individuals on the day of filming. However, the dancers and all at Embody Dance had a fantastic time and a day that we will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The team that was sent from the BBC and RDF were incredible, they had an instant rapport with the SEND dancers and treated each individual with care and respect. They explained the filming process in detail and were not afraid to answer any questions that the SEND dancers posed. The team went the extra mile, they showed the dancers the filming equipment and explained them how the microphones were used.

Brilliant time with the RDF and BBC at Embody Dance Studio!

The production team made all the dancers feel comfortable and at ease in-front of the cameras. Not once were the dancers pressurised into performing or doing anything they didn’t feel comfortable with. During the whole day of filming at the Dance Studio they encouraged the dancers every step of the way and gave positive feedback on their dance performance and filled them with bags of confidence.

The team even went above and beyond to make the experience memorable for the disabled dancers by posing with them for photographs amongst the filming equipment. It is no doubt that these photographs will be treasured by the dancers who were excited to show family members the images after the filming.

All at Embody Dance Studio in Nuneaton had a fantastic day, one to be remembered.
Thank you to all the dancers who were involved on the day and the fabulous production team. The dancers are excited to see the edited section of film when in airs in Spring 2022.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog -BBC at Embody Dance Studio!


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